Here is an introduction to some of our ministries at the church.
This church is passionate about prayer. We want prayer to be embedded in everything we do. To start, we have a Prayer Director who supports various types of prayer activities in the church. The Prayer Director oversees several dynamic prayer initiatives that include a prayer chain, prayer ushers, prayer chairs, a prayer room, and prayer meetings on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Prayer is also threaded throughout our worship services. During our worship services you can submit prayer requests that will be prayed for by our prayer team. As a congregation, we have an outreach prayer to support various individuals and groups in need outside our congregation. And after worship services, ushers are available to pray with you for any of your needs.
The primary way that we help people grow and develop relationships with each other is through two types of small groups: Community Groups and Life Transformation Groups. Community Groups are groups of 8-12 people who meet weekly to connect, fellowship, encourage each other, pray, and apply the Bible to their lives. Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) are like tiny Community Groups of 2-3 people with extra flexibility and accountability. Find out more about Community Groups and LTGs here.
Our church exists to make a difference in the world. We provide a wide assortment of projects that get us serving locally, regionally, domestically, and globally. Some of these projects include Easter baskets for needy families, food donations to the local food pantry, Operation Christmas Child, World Vision child sponsorships, mission trips to 3rd world nations, and many others.